Jess  Pettis

Race Number:15 in Canada, 160 in AMA

Nickname: JPmoney
City/state: Prince George, British Columbia
Single/ married: single
Age when first started competing: started Racing at 7 years old
Favourite track: a secret sand track in Panama City, FL by the name of “the 77 compound”.
Inspiration: My parents have been an inspiration to me. They have always taught me to chase my dreams, set goals, and anything is possible with some hard work and dedication.
Quote: the 6 P’s. Proper, preparation, prevents, piss, poor, performance.
Career history:
    -2017 250 and 450 pro future west arena cross champion
    ⁃    1 place overall in the mx2 class at pleasant valley cmrc national
    ⁃    Qualified 2nd at 2018 Seattle supercross, and 17th in the main event
    ⁃    Several podiums in mx2 class during 2017-2018 cmrc nationals

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